OCTOBER 2 Bonfire Beastro (Date Change!)

Calling Winnipeg Whisky Enthusiasts!

Next Wednesday we will be having our 7th Club Night, the Bonfire Beastro featuring fire, food, and our favourite firewater!

Date:Wednesday September 25 OCTOBER 2

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Place: Rory’s House

Members RSVP by Sunday 21st 29th. Contact me at mark@winnipegwhiskyclub.com for membership enquiries.

The event takes place at club member Rory’s place. He kindly offered his home for the event.

The setlist of whisky will be kept secret until the event. Suffice to say the whiskies to be opened are well aligned with our top-shelf choices thus far.

The menu will be updated as soon as it’s decided! Rory is a foodie so will be nothing short of amazing.

If you can’t make it, put October 30 on your calendar and become a member! There are great things to come.




SHERRY MONSTER SPECTACULAR! August 29, 2019 7:30 pm @ Winnipeg Whisky Club


The sixth meeting of the Winnipeg Whisky Club will ring in the Fall season for its members and guests who will be in attendance.

We will sample 4 to 6 higher- end sherry matured single malt whiskies together and discuss the flavours before picking our favourites.

Glenburgie 1995 ( G&M Cask Strength)

One of the highlights of the night will be G&M Cask Strength Glenburgie 1995 – a 22 year old exclusively matured in a refill sherry butt that is near mahogany in colour. The full whisky set list will be released in the coming days.

What is a sherry monster? This is a relatively new term used to describe a single malt whisky matured exclusively ( or predominantly) in ex-Sherry wine casks – barrels formerly used to mature Spanish Sherry wine. This gives the whisky a deep reddish hue, and brings about luscious red fruit notes, rich sweetness, and tannins to balance the spicy nutty earthiness of single malt distillate.

We will use the meeting space provided by club member and local Realtor phenom Gino Cipriano at 1883 Henderson Highway.

Membership in the club is $33 per month for 2019. The guest pledge for this month’s event is $40.

Members are asked to RSVP by Wednesday August 21. If you are interested membership or in attending as a guest, please contact club president Mark Kaufmann at mark@winnipegwhiskyclub.com.

Business enquiries are also appreciated.

Hope to see you August 29 at our Sherry Monster Spectacular!



Oh the summer barbecue.

The best barbecues are the simplest. Easy going friends. Great easy going food. Easy drinking beer. Easy sipping whisky. Whisky? Well we are a whisky club after all…

poster for July 31 BBBBCC Club Night

July 31 will be the 5th Club Night. This has been on the calendar since the beginning.

For food, we will have my homemade burgers. We will also have my wife Eunhye’s spicy Korean chicken. We will have corn on the cob, too. We will wash the morsels down with some local brews.

The “set list” of libations took careful thought. Whisky we can enjoy but not have to think overly deeply about. ‘Session’ whisky. So which whiskies/whiskeys you ask?

Old Grand Dad Bonded.

Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond

Mellow Corn Bottled-in-Bond

Robert Burns Blended Scotch (Arran)

Naked Grouse Blended Malt

Super Nikka Rare Old blended Japanese


A surprise whisky….

I don’t even know what it is!🤣

Join the club and take in this one-of-a-kind event with a great bunch of people. Get to know what good basic bourbon is like. What nice blended Scotch tastes like. The art of blended malt. What USA’s unusual corn whiskey is. Come on!

Contact Mark to join up at:


Join the Facebook group:


Check out the twitter account:




See you there!



Press Release – Yukon Spirits Presents Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt April 24 2019

Winnipeg – Winnipeg Whisky Club is looking for new members to join in an upcoming event.

Winnipeg Whisky Club President and WhiskyWhistle creator Mark Kaufmann has a very special guest lined up for the second club meeting coming April 24, 2019.

Yukon Spirits(Yukon Brewing) Sales Executive Dave Gardner is coming to present Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt Whisky in Winnipeg, which will be the first time the company has come to the province of Manitoba.

Mark, the creator of YouTube channel WhiskyWhistle, has had a relationship spanning three years and two continents with Yukon Spirits and Two Brewers Whisky reviewing nine of their 13 releases so far. Mark plans to head to the distillery in White Horse within the year to create a distillery video.

Two Brewers Whisky has won two major awards for their wares this year on top of their numerous previous awards. At the Canadian Whisky Awards, Two Brewers Whisky was awarded Canadian Single Malt of the Year 2019 for Release 09 Special Finishes, a single malt matured in ex-Sherry Spanish casks. On March 29, 2019, the same whisky was awarded Best Canadian Single Malt at the 2019 World Whiskies Awards.

At the Winnipeg Whisky Club on April 24,

Dave Gardner will present the latest three releases from Two Brewers:

Release 11 Innovative -made with Munich Malt

Release 12 Peated -the peatiest Two Brewers yet

Release 13 Classic – showing their house style

Dave has promised to bring other whiskies to wow our palates.


Two Brewers makes four different categories of single malt, with each release in the category different from the one before.

The categories:

Classic: their standard “Scottish Style” whisky

Peated: using a portion of peated barley malt

Innovative: emphasizing brewing techniques

Special Finishes: showcasing different barrels

Suffice to say, April 24 with Two Brewers at the Winnipeg Whisky Club will be an exciting event for Winnipeg whisky lovers.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the Winnipeg Whisky Club and going to the Two Brewers Whisky Club Night, please contact Mark Kaufmann.


Instagram @winnipegwhiskyclub

Facebook @winnipegwhiskyclub

Twitter @wpgwhiskyclub

And check out the Facebook group too!

-Mark Kaufmann, Winnipeg Whisky Club