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Who we are.

As well as being a place to connect with other like-minded whisky lovers, we also live by our club’s bylaws and principles. We are here to provide our members with an adventurous and fun journey of discovery in the world of whisky.

Winnipeg Whisky Club strives to create a platform both on and offline for Winnipeggers and beyond to explore the heights of whisky in an exciting and professional social atmosphere.

Our Beginnings

The Winnipeg Whisky Club started in 2019 when club president Mark Kaufmann, whisky youtuber at Whisky Whistle, showed up at Winnipeg Whisky Festival to create a buzz. The club met for the first time days later with seven people. All this came from inspiration to form a club that was open and dedicated exclusively to whisky aficionados and those wishing to broaden their whisky knowledge.

What we do.

We meet, we taste, and we discuss all things Whisky. We select incredible whiskies for our members to try. We craft memorable events for our members to participate in, and we build our collective knowledge by sharing it. We build community and camaraderie through uisge beatha/uisce beatha, the water of life!

2022 Winnipeg Whisky Club Membership

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Benefits to Joining the WCC

Your yearly membership gets you:

  • access to club events,
  • discounts to special events,
  • additional tastings arranged by the club, Dram Room, Whisky Whistle, or producers/distributors,
  • and much more.

How to Join

Connect with us using the membership form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • $55 -$75 and up for non-members is subject to availability. Member guests given priority.
  • Membership is non-transferable.
  • Refunds pro-rated based on non-member rate and subject to $50 charge.