Club Details Revised

Winnipeg Whisky Club club day in 2019 – the Club will meet the last WEDNESDAY of each month starting in March (March 27)

Loose timeline

Arrival: 7:30 to 8:00 pm

Meeting: 8:00 to 9:00

Closing: 9:00 to 9:15

Departure: 9:15 to 9:30

For questions contact

The length will change after a few months as members’ wishes are gauged.

Membership dues: TBD

possible things included in 3 tiered membership:

1 group meeting / tasting with light snacks & coffee

2 take home sample of the whisky of the month

3 club outings

4 Winnipeg Whisky Club tasting glasses for home

5 club apparel

6 other great merchandise

7 very special guests

8 special events / public events / whisky themed socials / private parties

9 special order of whisky

10 cask purchase

11 travel

12 public events / whisky themed socials / private parties

13 establish a collection

14 other cool stuff you will really want!

Winnipeg Whisky Club Is Born

Every city needs a defining whisky club.

This will be the defining club for Winnipeg🎉

🥃Club meetings will be on a chosen day of the week every month starting in March 2019.

🥃Club President & Treasurer : Mark Kaufmann

🥃Mark of WhiskyWhistle moved back to Winnipeg after 13 years in Seoul. He is a Realtor and moonlights as a YouTuber.


1. Be an active member

2. Come to meetings

3. No Hating On Whisky. Or People.

4. Exude Whisky Awesomeness

5. No Snobs Allowed. Leave your ego at home.

6. Taste in Moderation.

7. Membership is a privilege.

8. Get Social! WWC is a community of friends.

9. Amendments to come

🥃About The Club

Winnipeg Whisky Club is a whisky club for all over 18 years of age. Responsible enjoyment of whisky is encouraged. Club meetings will be approximately two hours in length. Club dues will be used for the club, for private club events, and for public events in the future. It is the goal of the club to become a business including but not limited to public whisky courses, in home / in company events for people or businesses, travel, Single cask purchases, blogs, youtube, and more. All for whisky, and whisky for all!


Mark Kaufmann

Club President & Treasurer

Winnipeg Whisky Club



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