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Winnipeg Whisky Club 2022 Membership

Happy 2022!

Thanks to all enthusiast and elite members, board members, and VP James for making 2021 a success.

it is that time of year again to renew membership for existing members or for new members to join(which can happen any time during the year but you don’t want to miss any events!)

Membership rates for Elite and Enthusiast will be unchanged for 2022.

Membership type and benefits

Non-member/Public: events are typically $55 and up. Not all events are open to public. those who attend one event that wish to become members will be discounted approximately $20 for membership.

Elite: 12 events(Club Nights) plus elite event $640 includes a t shirt and 6 glasses for first time members(discount for returning 2021 Elite and Enthusiast members – please contact Mark). Elite members may also purchase 2 guest passes for Club Nights at $20 each(excluding BBQ and Gala)

Enthusiast:$150 and pay as you go at member rates for events($40-60) includes a shirt and a glass ($120 for all 2021 returning members – contact Mark) Enthusiasts may purchase 1 Club Night guest pass for $20 should they desire(excludes BBQ and Gala)


All Elite and Enthusiast members will get a discount on other events the club, Dram Room, or Whisky Whistle put on. All Elite and Enthusiast members may invite guests with a $5 discount depending on availability and excluding BBQ & Gala. All Elite and Enthusiast members can get club merchandise at member rates.

I’m in! Now what do I do?

For membership please contact Mark with funds transferred to same, alternatively paypal can be used at

I’m a former member. Can I attend?

Club Alumni: Former members from 2019-2021 who wish to occasionally attend club events will get a $5 alumni discount to attend depending upon availability excluding BBQ and Gala.

Upcoming event dates:

January 26, February 23, March 30, April 27 (typically but not always the last Wednesday of each month!)


Occasionally free events come our way, and sometimes with limited sample sets or seats. In such cases where seating/samples are limited, a draw will be held for spots separately for Elite and Enthusiast members.

What kinds of whisky and spirits?

Scotch, Bourbon, American, Canadian, Irish, Japanese, and “World whiskies”. Other great quality spirits may be served like rum, Tequila, Mezcal, Cognac, Armagnac, Soju and etc. The focus of the club is on mid- to high-quality whisky and spirits to go beyond the basics and discover the heights of flavour.

How much whisky?

Typically events will have at least 7 different whiskies or spirits to taste approximately 15ml
samples with Club guidelines set for 3.5 to 5 ounces or 105-150ml served for events (excluding BBQ & Gala)

Online? Offline?

At time of writing the Club expects January to April or May to be online. We hope our Badass Bourbon BBQ in July will be offline as well as other events, pandemic dependent.

Who picks all these great whiskies?

Whiskies and spirits are selected by President Mark Kaufmann (YouTube’s Whisky Whistle) and VP James Burton with the help of board members and member suggestions.

I’m in the industry. Can I put on an event?

If you are a producer or distributor and would like to plan a club event, please email me at or

I am looking forward to sharing drams and pours with you!

Mark Kaufmann


Winnipeg Whisky Club