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Badass Bourbon Barbecue July 29 7:00 p.m. OFFLINE!

Halfway in and looking better than ever!
Cheers folks, and welcome to another entry of the Winnipeg Whisky Club 2020!
We have officially passed the halfway point of this year, and what a crazy year it has been. To get to the halfway point of 2020, we first visited Islay (Islay La Bamba),  leaped from country to country(Leap Frog Leap Year), visiting places that some may never have guessed they even offered single malt whisky there. Then things got interesting, Our Luck of the Irish event in March almost never took place. But our luck did not run out. Because whisky must be drank, and drink it we must!We found a way to bring our Irish offerings by pouring seemingly endless sample bottles, home delivery and our good old digital friend, Zoom. Our first event on Zoom certainly had a learning curve and we would have loved to see more people log on, but attendance was still strong and we made the best of the situation. In fact, it was incredibly fun, and I didn’t even have to leave my house!
Our second zoom event was the Celebration of the Cask and was SOLD OUT!!!! Holy smokes folks, talk about alot of squares to look at. Well it only got better from there. We sold out our next event too! (Islands VS Campbeltown) Tyler made a perfect rendition of a championship belt and the Campbeltown team became the very first WWC Champion of the world! The last event, our most attended(and sold out!) of the first half was my personal favourite so far. Ian selected truly amazing whiskies, but due to travel, our normal host with most, could not attend. We are sorry to have missed you Mark, but I must say your job is fun. I had a blast hosting the event in your absence. Thank you all for taking it easy on me!

This month is another exciting one. We want to celebrate our successful first half by inviting you out to our Badass Bourbon Barbecue. The summer months are only here for a short time and we have food and drink, games and good times in store. All while following the proper social distancing precautions, and maybe winning a prize or two if you’ve got your whisky trivia knowledge up to snuff. The bourbon on the menu should be reason alone to attend however, some I had never heard of until our bourbon buffs Gino and Colin started naming some of our flight selections.  No doubt will we bring the second half of the year in with another delicious event!  Stay tuned for more details on the Baddass Bourbon Barbecue!