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Islay La Bomba : A Trip Around The Island, 01/29/2020

Whisky lineup for Islay La Bamba

Smoke! Smoke! Whats burning?! Don’t be alarmed, it’s coming from your glass!

Welcome to the very first Winnipeg Whisky Club meet of 2020 on Wednesday January 29th! The Scottish island of Islay (pronounced Eye-la) is our whisky journey this month. 

Islay is a famous region of Scotland known for its smokey, intense, bold, and often young whiskies. It is a region some shy away from, and one that some choose never to leave. Islay is so loved by whisky enthusiasts, some even find it necessary to name their children after the place, myself and at least two members included!  But what’s not always known of Islay is that some expressions and distilleries don’t resemble the stereotypical smoke and peat, and instead offer expressions aged in sherry casks, or expressions which did not have peat burned to dry the barley malt. 

We have something for everyone to enjoy on January 29th. We’ll even venture into one of the oldest, unpeated malts we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy, a 27 year old Bunnahabhain (Boona-hav-en) from independent bottler The Single Malts of Scotland. 

“What else are we trying James?” You ask. Well lets just see!

Lagavulin 12 (2017): A smoky special edition from one of Islay’s most famous distilleries. The high ABV of 56.5% will surely enhance the experience of this whisky and will linger in yout mouth long after your last sip.

Caol Ila 18 year old: Another unpeated single malt of legal drinking age ( in Manitoba at least) that will show a lot more maturity than your typical 18 year old.

Port Askaig 100 Proof: A mystery distillery is used for this big smoky expression measured in a tradition British proof of 57.1%. This is one that may be a lot of fun trying to guess the distillery from which it came.

And finally, North Star Spirits Islay Star 9 year old single malt from Caol Ila. A relatively new Independent bottler who have made a very good name for themselves with not only whisky enthusiasts, but also our club members! No doubt we will be visiting other expressions from this up and coming bottler in future months.

Come do the Islay La Bamba with us January 29th at 7pm. on Henderson Highway north of Chief Peguis Trail. “How do I become a member?” You ask 

For all new and returning members, we have two main full membership packages to choose from, the Enthusiast Package ($240) which allows you entry up to 6 club meetings throughout 2020 plus other member perks, and Elite ($420) giving you full access to all 12 monthly meetings and whisky sample options on nights you aren’t able to attend. We will also be placing monthly bottle orders after each event to help your current collection grow with the benefit of trying before you buy.

Lets get 2020 started

James Burton (Vice President)

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