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WWC Winter Gala 2020 – An Evening of Distinction

-Hurry up, get in line, race to your bottles, then get back in line, and race for some more!-

Greetings WWC alumni!  

This month is especially for you. Our second annual Winnipeg Whisky Club Winter Gala is on November 26th (THURSDAY) with a very special nod to our friends at MLCC. The event is open to only present members whom have attended at least one event in this 2020 calendar year. 

If you were unaware, The MLCC had a “Distinctions” release of premium spirits on November 7th. The anticipation from most of our members was known far in advance and our theories of what expressions would be available were a constant subject in conversations leading up to that chilly Saturday morning.

Our board and members were in lines all over the city waiting to storm in to hopefully grab one or more of our target bottles, with great success, and little sadness. I think we made a great effort in helping each other in acquiring these bottles even for people who had to stay home that morning due to parental duties or those who had to be at work.  Great job team!

We decided we should acknowledge our friends at MLCC this month and feature what we managed to gather up that day. And because this is our Gala, we must go all out! 

This month we are featuring far more than our typical 5 samples. We are sampling 9! 

Last year, our inaugural Winter Gala was held at Hy’s steakhouse in a private room downstairs, very swanky. A perfect evening to dress up in your suit or gown, eat beautifully cooked steaks and drink whisky that our board members supplied from their own collections. 

This year has been extremely different in the fact that all but 3 of our club meetings have been on the Zoom meeting place.  But our hopes to attend Hys again this year were unfortunately removed from the table as that pesky Covid 19 keeps showing its ugly face in Manitoba. So this year will be our Inaugural Zoom Gala event! 

YAY! I’m dressing up regardless. I even had a garment made up specifically for this event that I had originally hoped to show off in person. But we will make due again from the comfort of our whisky dens. Unfortunately, pizza pops are likely on my menu instead of steaks this year.

If our whisky selection wasn’t enough to grab your attention, we will be giving away some goodies in the form of more whisky, swag and digital high fives to some lucky event goers. And as usual, some good old information and education on the expressions we will be sampling. 

The event will be scheduled as usual, but on the last Thursday this month. And I think it’s safe to assume we maybe need a bit more time to tackle all these distinct expressions so make sure to be well fed and ready to hang out with us deep into the evening!

On the off chance there is space by the end of our RSVP timeline, we will open the meet to guests and friends, but these spots will be very limited if there are any.

Here’s our list of spirits we will be savouring on November 26th @7pm

-Glenmorangie A Tale Of Cake

-Macallan Edition #6

-Teeling Brabazon series 2 Port cask matured

-Highland Park 21yo

-Wild Turkey Masters Keep 17yo

-J.P. Wisers 22yo 

-Don Julio Reposado finished in Lagavulin Casks

-Ardbeg Blaaack

-Laphroaig Cairdeas 2020 

Can’t wait to celebrate with all you familiar faces!