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Trick or Treat 2.021

They did the Mash! They did the Monster Mash(bill)!

Greetings witches, ghouls, and dramming fools to another annual event here at WWC. October’s Trick Or Treat! We have some tasty and tricky treats lined up this year and you’re all gonna love them.

This theme came about last year when we had been sampling some whiskies that had very candied flavours to them. A Mortlach that reminded some of cherry blaster candies, a Little Book that was full of cinnamon hearts and my favourite of last years event, Pirate Ship in a Storm, a dram so intense you could actually feel like you were on a rough, cannon blasted pirate ship…. in a storm.

We thought it would be fun to pick whiskies that may trick the eyes into thinking it is not, to treat the palate with something you may find in a big ol pillow case full of Halloween candy, or from the scariest depths of H.E. double hockey sticks.

Just like last year, costumes are welcome! We’re on Zoom, and samples will be available for pick when ready.

Here’s our freaky lineup!

Kavalan Solist Madeira

Paul John Oloroso

Kilkerran 8yo

Lot 40 Dark Oak

Scarabus 10 yo

1 Blind expression to feast on

October 27th 7pm beeeeeeee theeeeeeere!

James Burton WWC VP