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Spring Singles Single Cask Scotch Tasting April 28 7pm Central

Winnipeg spring, or 3rd winter of the year?

Well I suppose it’s spring somewhere, so here at the Winnipeg Whisky Club we have a fantastic line up of Spring Singles for you all to educate yourselves with.

Singles, referring to single cask whiskies, are what we are going to explore this month.

There are pros and cons when sampling single cask offerings.  Personally I think the pros outweigh the cons. To explain, most single cask offerings are bottled at cask strength and are natural color and non chill-filtered. All of these things contribute to a more flavourful dram, and gives the drammer some room to experiment with water and make smaller pours to be able to go back to a bottle that much more!

Another pro to single casks is that many come from independent bottlers, who will experiment with different casks that the distillery of origin may not have done themselves. You may find yourself sipping on an ex-bourbon Macallan one day (con?).  Or even better, a bottle could still have bits of barrel char floating around just adding character to your overall experience with the whisky and giving you the utmost in traditional whisky drinking. Our friends at Blackadder have popularized this method to great success. No brand would likely ever consider doing this as a distillery release (another con?).  

We will be sampling single malt single casks from Islay, Islands, Speyside and the Highlands region so join in and see what these Spring Singles can do!

James Burton WWC VP