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Sherry is the Bomb! June 24 7 p.m. SOLD OUT!

Poster showing whisky line up for Sherry is the Bomb!

“Its like a mouth explosion!”As probably quoted by board member Ian Delveaux.

Greetings club mates and soon to be club mates! I say soon to be, because what we have in store this month will make you want to join our ranks pretty darn quick. We so fondly call this month’s event “Sherry Is The Bomb”. ( blame Mark)
As the name suggests, Sherry is our focus this month. A complex fortified wine that can spend decades aging in mountains of casks located in Spain, called Soleras. These casks (in varying sizes) will absorb some of the sherry, and become a perfect vessel to store whisky in.  Some of our most highly sought after whiskies are aged in these casks.  They are carefully hand picked by whisky makers who bring them back to Scotland, where the best casks are reserved for whiskies from Glengoyne or Edradour (one of my favourites, hint hint)… to name just two. These high caliber casks promote excellent complexity in a whisky.  Chocolate, leather, dark fruits, tobacco and spice are among countless flavours that can be found while enjoying a dram. The longer the whisky is stored in these casks, the more colour and flavours it extracts. To accurately be described as a Sherry Bomb, the cask must be very potent, and the longer the whisky is aged in it, the better!  There are exceptions to the age rule however, and we will show you.
I giggle when I read the list of whiskies we get to sample this month. I’m so excited. 
Ian, our sherry bomb guru, has selected the majority of our whiskies this month.  He has also provided us with one from his own personal collection to properly sweeten the deal.  And without Stephan, our lineup would be missing a sure headliner, as it looks like a bottle may not make it in time!  We can thank both of these chaps for making this event better during the live event on Zoom!
Speaking of Zoom… Yes, our June event will be held on our favourite whisky drinking platform for hopefully the last time. I think each month has had more participation from all our members, and certainly more attendance! This month is going to be our third straight sell out! Thank you all for joining us each month and contributing to the whisky awesomeness!
See you at Sherry is the Bomb!
James @ W.W.C.