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Just Peat It: A Scotch Tasting February 24 7pm

Attention Peatapalloozers. Peat, is in the building!

Well its February. Freezing cold, snowy, windy, dark early and kinda still Coviddy. Perfect conditions to get into some peated drams eh?! We have just the right amount of medicine for you this month.

Peated whisky can be a very memorable experience, both on the good and bad side of course. Some folks can’t get passed the smell of bandaid, tar and bonfire smoke. But to some, its the answer to all their questions. Where have you been all my life? What is this magical liquid? Did I just fall into ash soaked seaweed? How did this whisky know I was in the mood for a cigar? How did the smoked meat section get into my glass? All very good questions indeed.

I am one who loves peated expressions. Laphroaig Quarter Cask was my first ever scotch whisky, and the questions above may have all been from that very first experience. But I know there are folks out there who aren’t too keen on them. This is ok, you are entitled to your own wrong opinion, but let me say this. Not all peated whiskies will knock your socks off in intensity. They have hints of peat and smoke in them but are heavily influenced by the cask it was stored in, or the length of time it was aged. These factors help you realize that there are far more layers to these whiskies than just bandaids and burning things. The PPM or Parts Per Million, or Peat Peat Mmmmmmm as I like to call it, may be on a much lower scale too. Maybe a peated whisky fools you, and shows no sign of peat at all? Its worth finding out! After all, when have we ever tried a bad whisky here at WWC? Don’t answer that.

Our flight is going to be something for everyone I think, we will have lower ppm expressions, and one pretty darn high in the ppm department. Not to mention a 25 year old, and two single malts from India!

Promotional Poster for Just Peat It

February 24th, 7pm Central time on Zoom!

Paul John Edited (INDIA) 46% vol.

Amrut Peated (INDIA) 46%

Edradour/Ballechin Cuvee 46%

Port Askaig 25 45.8%

SMWS 16.41 61.3%

Bruichladdich Octomore 11.3 61.7%

See you there!

-James Burton