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Just Peat It II

Has it been a year already? A whole year since we last featured a healthy diet of peated whiskies? Well, we must remedy this at once!

Welcome to Just Peat It part deux, my personal favourite event thus far in our wee little clubs history. It’s a night we can all stink our houses up together with the aromas of camp fire, bandaids, tobacco and smoked meats. We’ll sip and discuss some very interesting peated whiskies, and talk about our favourite island in Scotland while doing it. That Island of course is Islay, or is it?

This time around we are focusing almost exclusively on Islay whiskies, with the exception of one whisky featuring some incredible malts from the highlands to make things even more interesting, and another from a neighboring Scottish island. We are all in for treats this month! 8 in all!

If I’m not in attendance, please raise a glass to the birth of my second daughter, Hannah as she she will be arriving any day now and most definitely before our club date. Why name her Hannah? Because Islay was already taken (first born), and my wife was 100% against naming her Bruich, Charlotte, Bunna, or WormTub. So we settled for the 5th best thing. Maybe she’ll make a brief appearance on our Zoom call!

Here’s our lineup:

Smokehead Rum Rebel

Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 3

Lagavulin Offerman Edition Guinness Cask

Compass Box No Name 3

Kilchoman Fino Sherry

Peat’s Beast Cask Strength PX Finish

SMWS 42.51 Dark & Filthy (14 year old Ledaig)

Enjoy everyone!

Just Peat It II Peated Scotch Whisky Tasting Feb 23 7pm via Zoom with sample packs. Out of town deadline is Sunday 13th to give us the best chance of getting it snail mailed to you in time.

James WWC VP