Scotch Highland Malts: Copper Night II June 26, 2019


This coming June 26 at 7:30 pm in downtown Winnipeg will mark the Winnipeg Whisky Club’s fourth club night.

For enquiries and membership details please contact the club at:

Following the success of last month’s sold out Copper Night I, Club President Mark and Copper Night sponsor Hardwired Electric’s Rory Wright decided to put together this reprise.

Copper Night II focuses on the Highland Whisky Region of Scotland, and in particular the Northern and Eastern subdivisions. Four distilleries will be showcased, namely Balblair (Edderton, Ross-shire), Tomatin (Inverness), Benromach(Forres, Morayshire), and Knockdhu Distillery (Knock, Banffshire).

Here’s a map showing Scotland in her entirety and a second with a closer up view of the distillery locations:

Map of Scotland(Google)

Close up of the featured distilleries

The showcased whiskies are definite powerhouse malts:

Balblair 1999 2nd release – 46% vol

Tomatin 1995 – 46% vol

AnCnoc (Knockdhu) 24 Year – 46% vol

And the highlight of the night:

Benromach 1998 20th Anniversary – 56.2% vol

While this is only a smidgen of the full course of the region, there is a formidable chunk represented in a single evening, and a connoisseurs’ chunk at that.

We will open the Club Night with a Highlands inspired cocktail made by a club member who happens to be a noted Canadian mixologist.

There will be whisky tasting appropriate snacks and a small tidbit to enjoy with our WWC Highlander cocktails.

While such malts could be sipped and savoured all night, we will close the event at approximately 10:00 pm.

Members are encouraged not to drive even though quantity of alcohol consumed will be relatively minimal. Please have a substantial dinner without beer or wine beforehand.

This, my dear Winnipeggers, will be a great event to continue this malty journey we have begun. It will also be a hum-dinger of a beginning should this be your first event as a member.

Once again, please contact club president Mark Kaufmann at for membership enquiries.

Please also join the Winnipeg Whisky Club & Friends Facebook Group, and follow the club on

Instagram: @winnipegwhiskyclub

Twitter: @wpgwhiskyclub

See you there!

-Mark Kaufmann

Winnipeg Whisky Club Is Born

Every city needs a defining whisky club.

This will be the defining club for Winnipeg🎉

🥃Club meetings will be on a chosen day of the week every month starting in March 2019.

🥃Club President & Treasurer : Mark Kaufmann

🥃Mark of WhiskyWhistle moved back to Winnipeg after 13 years in Seoul. He is a Realtor and moonlights as a YouTuber.


1. Be an active member

2. Come to meetings

3. No Hating On Whisky. Or People.

4. Exude Whisky Awesomeness

5. No Snobs Allowed. Leave your ego at home.

6. Taste in Moderation.

7. Membership is a privilege.

8. Get Social! WWC is a community of friends.

9. Amendments to come

🥃About The Club

Winnipeg Whisky Club is a whisky club for all over 18 years of age. Responsible enjoyment of whisky is encouraged. Club meetings will be approximately two hours in length. Club dues will be used for the club, for private club events, and for public events in the future. It is the goal of the club to become a business including but not limited to public whisky courses, in home / in company events for people or businesses, travel, Single cask purchases, blogs, youtube, and more. All for whisky, and whisky for all!


Mark Kaufmann

Club President & Treasurer

Winnipeg Whisky Club



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